After a natural birth or a caesarean section, your belly increases in size. This is because you can only do sports so that the load on your body is minimal. Here are 3 of the best sports you absolutely need to do.

Practice the Kegel exercise

As early as 6 weeks after giving birth, if there are no bad indications, you have the opportunity to start regaining your tummy shape. These exercises have a significant impact on the female body. They help the vagina to shrink more quickly and return to its pre-delivery size.
Kegel exercises help to strengthen the abdominal muscles. They prevent problems such as urinary incontinence and hemorrhoid's. You should do such physical activity 3-5 times a day in a comfortable position.
At first it will be difficult to concentrate on the feeling of the pelvic floor muscles. However, each time it becomes easier for you.

Doing the plank

Most women include this exercise in their workouts. When performing it, many muscle groups are involved. You can start doing the plank from 30 seconds, gradually increasing the time to several minutes.
You will not have to wait long for the results. The main thing is to follow the technique of the exercise so that the load is evenly distributed.


If after 8 weeks of birth you are allowed to do sports, you should join a pool. Exercising in water is more beneficial than regular fitness because of the resistance it creates. The load on the muscles is distributed evenly. The body is therefore tightened.
In the first few months you can go to the pool and swim for fun. Afterwards, when the muscles are stronger, it is possible to do water aerobics and train with a group trainer.
However, you need to know when you can do sports after a natural birth. You decide what you want to do to reduce your belly size. Today, there are many activity options that help restore your figure after childbirth. If you like sports, the process of losing belly size will go faster.